SMART CEBU goes to Ambiente

SMART CEBU will showcase world class sustainable designs from 12 companies in the gifts, toys and housewares (GTH) sector in a special setting at Ambiente 2012.

The Eco Design Training Program with the European designer Mark Braun allows GTH companies to realize the significance of shaping an identity: emphasizing the importance of thinking beyond one’s needs in fusing creativity and sustainability.

Through extensive theoretical and hands on workshops, one -on-one consultancy and online discussions, companies transcend from being mere manufacturers to becoming responsible designers who respect the value of nature — the very source and the provider of building blocks for the products they produce.

With this revitalized thought process, SMART Cebu weaves new possibilities and creates fresh opportunities for a sustainable and lucrative future.

The special setting will showcase sustainable creations carefully developed and skilfully handcrafted by 12 companies using indigenous renewable materials like bamboo, rattan, up-cycled production waste materials or recyclable mono material strategy in metal.


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