As Pacific Traders and Manufacturing Corporation embarks on sustainable development as a strategy in designing home furniture and furnishings, company designer Dominique Uy Ismael creates exciting pieces with less energy consumption from eco-friendly trash lying around the factory.

The items are mainly handcrafted from collected scrap veneers cut in squares and rectangles of different sizes, and sent to a back-to-back sanding process to smooth texture. For a glossy look, wax is used as an alternative to lacquer.

In fashioning CANDILUM, veneer cuts are attached using non-toxic glue. When dry, they are hand-stitched on a muslin fabric to create a teenage girl’s skirt (sayal) effect. Attachment of materials is all hand-made for a cleaner and a more energy-efficient process. A 10mm rattan serves as the frame.

cut-off veneer
metal base

Manufactured by:
P.C. Suico St., Tabok, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Product Line/s: Indoor, Outdoor Furniture & Furniture Accessories, Lamps & Light Fixtures, Furniture Accents and Casegoods
Telephone: +63 32 346.0083 / 346.8263 / 346.3670 / 346.9608
Fax: +63 32 346.0952 / 346.3315
Contact person: MR. CHARLES STREEGAN, President / MS. BERNICE MONTENEGRO, Design Director


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