COSMO is made from sustainable and recyclable material, NuCast®.

It has always been a core value of Nature’s Legacy to use indigenous and eco-friendly materials in designing products. When transporting and processing of materials become a drawback because of the amount of carbon involved, the company ventured into product research and developed NuCast® – a recycled material innovation made by Nature‘s Legacy, made of recycled newspaper. The process is fully handmade, with very minimal energy consumption and almost zero wastage since material preparation is based only on what is needed for producing items; and any ordinary person can be trained to do the process.

NuCast® uses no resin in its procedure. Especially formulated water-based binder forms the texture, attains the desired shapes, and absorbs water-based colorant sprayed over the surface of the item, which is classified as recyclable when disposed.

(recycled newspaper)

Manufactured by:
Upper Cogon, Compostela, Cebu, Philippines
Product Line/s: Home Furnishing, Lawn and Garden Articles and Architectural Components
Telephone: +63 32 425.8399 / 425.8814
Fax: +63 32 425.8815
Email: /
Contact person: MR. PEDRO “PETE” DELANTAR, CEO


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