FLOAT is an application of carefully selected coco shells. The materials are provided by rural families contracted by Coast Pacific for an additional income to those gathering coco shells meticulously cut into specified tile sizes. The community also softens the edges of the coco shell tiles ready for assembly in the factory where polishing and finishing with non-toxic materials are done.

Coconut palm is endemic in the Philippines any time of the year. Its fruit, juice, husks, shell, leaves, bark, twigs, and every part of the plant including its waste materials are used for a variety of products in the food and lifestyle business.

Applying any part of the coconut palm to a product design is both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible because economic benefits are extended to the communities involved in collecting the materials.

FLOAT is essentially handcrafted. The coco shells are tastefully woven together manually using abaca fiber.

coconut shell
abaca rope
iron base

Manufactured by:
Coast Pacific St., Mahiga Creek, Kasambagan, Banilad, Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Product Line/s : Indoor / Outdoor Furniture & Furniture Accessories, Home Furnishings, Furniture Accents, Lamps & Light Fixtures
Telephone: +63 32 231.4277 / 231.4301
Fax: +63 32 231.4301
Email: info@coast-pacific.com / coastp@mozcom.com
Website: www.coast-pacific.com
Contact Person: MS. CRISTINA LO / Vice-President


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