NAUTILA gives a seafaring waste material new life and sustains a livelihood for a local community. It is designed using nautila rope made of recycled materials and produced by a village in the island of Mactan mainly for fishermen and farmers. Detalia Aurora, known for the development and experimentation of new and sustainable materials in design, provides the community additional income by applying nautica rope in product design.

Nautila rope is elegantly woven for about seven hours per leg of the table, making the product genuinely handcrafted to perfection and a highlight of what the Filipino craftsmen are known for: master weavers.

NAUTILA is lightweight with a fun shape coming in a variety of colors. Eco-friendly finishing is applied and a glass top and an unfinished metal base are used to keep it sustainable. Abaca hemp fiber, an indigenous material in the Philippines considered as one of the strongest natural fibers around, is also one material application to the design created by Paula Rodriguez.

abaca hemp rope
aluminium base

Manufactured by:
Zone Paliya, Pakna-an, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Product Line/s: Indoor / Outdoor Furniture, Furniture Accessories & Furniture Accents
Telephone: +63 32 420.4556
Mobile: +63 917 623-0280
Fax: +63 32 420.4824
Contact Person: MR. GUILLERMO R. RODRIGUEZ, President


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