PALAWAN Chair and PALAWAN Table are a dazzling application the branches of a coconut palm, an indigenous plant abundant in the Philippine all year round.

The carefully handcrafted items are a showcase of sustainable design and excellent Filipino craftsmanship. To come up with the product, pieces are painstakingly put together using bio-organic white glue and wood dowel is used instead of screws. Linseed oil is also applied on the surface of the completed items for finishing.

PALAWAN Chair and PALAWAN Table are one of the many products made by APY Cane using Philippine indigenous materials like rattan, wicker, wood, abaca, and lampacanay. The use of coco branches is part of the company’s efforts to deepen its commitment to sustainable development.

abaca hemp rope
aluminium base

Manufactured by:
S.E. Jayme St., Pakna-an, Mandaue City, Cebu, Philippines
Product Line/s: Indoor Furniture & Furniture Accessories, Lamps
Telephone: +63 32 420.4360
Fax: +63 32 343.9183
Contact Person: MS. NOREEN HAZEL O. YU, General Manager


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