VENTANA is fashioned from coco wood that comes from coconut palm, a recyclable and renewable indigenous material abundant in
the Philippines all-year round.

The product is delicately handcrafted using only basic machines to keep energy consumption at the lowest level. The heavier and harder part of the wood is sliced and flattened to precision and smoothened to desired thickness. Strips are laminated for balance and to prevent warping.

Assembled without nails and screws, dado and dowel joints are used. Edges and corners are sanded for smoothening and softening. For water proofing, linseed oil using wire wood is applied, and the final product is waxed to enhance the natural color of material. Non-toxic finishing materials are used.

coco wood

Manufactured by:
Tangke, Talisay City, Cebu, Philippines
Product Line: Indoor Furniture
Telephone: +63 32 272.3557 to 59
Fax: +63 32 272.3550
Contact Person: MS. ANGELA F. PAULIN, President and CEO


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