Buri Palm

Buri (Corypha elata) is the largest palm endemic in the Philippines.  It is one of the most important palms, next to coconut, in terms of economic and industrial relevance.

The buri palm, which can really be huge, produces millions of individual blossoms and ten thousands of seeds.  It only flowers once in its lifetime.  After producing a large number of small round fruits, it dies.  Before its life ends, the trunk is a source of palm flour used in certain Filipino delicacies.

Harvesting the leaves does not pose any danger to the palm.  During the rainy season, the leaves regenerate very fast.  The leaves can be up to five meters long and from the buri palm comes three types of fibers: buri, raffia and buntal.  Harvesting the raw material and fiber processing highly involves groups of people living in areas where the buri palm is abundantly growing.


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