Coco Coir

Coir or the coconut fiber comes from the coconut palm (Cocos nucifera) basically from the fruit.  The color of the fiber can either be white or brown depending on the plant’s maturity.  Those that are less than 10 months old produce white fiber while those that are already 12 to 16 months old produce brown fiber.

Coir is mechanically extracted either by the wet milling process that involves retting or by the dry milling process that utilizes a special machine called “down decorticator”.   The former is regarded as the “biological” method where the husks are soaked in water for some time, and the partial disintegration of the cementing tissue is induced through the action of microorganisms.  The effect is the separation of the fiber from the husks.

The dry milling process is considered to be the most efficient and convenient method, employing a machine, which beats the husk and scrapes the fiber.  Depending on the type of machine, bristle (long) fibers or a combination of bristle and mattress (short) fibers are produced.


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  1. mae luna says:

    where can i buy this coco coir?

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