Cogon Grass

Cogon grass (Imperata cylindrica), also called silver hair grass or sword grass, belongs to the sweet grasses closely related to bamboo.  The rhizome or stem of this perennial plant reaches up to 1.2 meters high with a diameter of about 1.5 millimeters.  The leaves grow directly from creeping underground rhizomes, giving the plant a stem-less appearance.

Cogon grass leaves have smooth or sometimes hairy sheaths, with a membranous ligule.  The leaves are slender, flat and possess serrated margins and an off-center prominent white mid-rib.

Cogon grass can be very useful if it is used ecologically and sustainably.  It settles in certain locations like roadsides, slopes and fallows and functions as floor binding agents or hedge rows that stabilise threatened surfaces and avoid soil erosion.  They can be allowed to naturally grow and regrow for years.

The wooden stems of the cogon grass are very suitable for weaving mats, bags, carpets, etc.  The material applied to sustainable design, cogon grass has a very high potential.   Cogon grass is also traditionally used in Chinese medicine.

Applying the material for products not only promotes sustainable development but also provides economic gains to communities collecting the cogon grass.


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