Gmelina (Gmelina arborea) is a fast growing plant, which grows on different localities and prefers moist fertile valleys. The tree is widely planted throughout the Philippines.

Gmelina plantations started in the provinces of Cebu and Nueva Vizcaya and other plantations followed in Mindanao and Luzon.   With good growth conditions some trees reach a height of 3 meters after one year, and 20 meters after 5 years.

Gmelina wood is one of the most versatile timbers of the tropics.  The timber is easy to work with hand and machine tools. The wood is soft and light compared to hardwood.  Its color is pale yellow to cream and turns yellowish brown upon exposure.  It is also soft to moderately hard and light to moderate heavy.  Its texture is usually straight to irregular or rarely wavy grained and medium course.

The economic uses of the Gmelina is for pulpwood production, carpentry, furniture components, musical instruments, boat decking, plywood and fuelwood.

The tree is named after the German Botaniker Gmelin (1709 – 1755).


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